Zuko being angsty and dramatic.

*whistles and likes several posts and ignores the horrible season 2 finale WHERE ALL THE PAST AVATARS DISAPPEARED* no I'm not bitter towards bryke for ruining what korra could've been of course not

not sure if this is a perception of my blog or a personal opinion…. for me the end was perfect and I think she eventually will restore her conections with her past lives (If this never happens I´ll be mad ugh) and this is a great opportunity to see Korra connected to her spiritual side

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⇒ LOK: picspam per episode

s01e02 - A Leaf in the Wind

 LOK: picspam per episode

s01e02 - A Leaf in the Wind

 Zuko gifset  per episode

s01e08 - Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku


Iroh "Their Honor" dedicated a Rougemirage 

"The key to earthbending is your stance. You’ve got to be steady and strong. Rock is a stubborn element. If you’re going to move it, you’ve got to be like a rock yourself.” - Toph Beifong.


A:tLA Color Palette  Ty Lee + Hands
                                      ❀ For Quxian 


     surrounding a  w o r l d  with a blackening tide…


     surrounding a  w o r l d  with a blackening tide

Atla Meme - Six Quotes

We´re the Fire Prince and the Avatar. I think we can take these guys in a fight, whoever they are. [4/6] - Zuko - The Firebending Masters


AtLA + being one with the element

Happy Earth(bending) Day! 

Earth bending day --> She waited...and listened